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William Sommerfield 
George Washington

Father of Our Country

William A. Sommerfield  is the officially designated historical interpreter of George Washington.  Mr. Sommerfield is regularly seen performing and interacting with audiences at Washington's home at Mount Vernon.  Touring includes over 200 appearances each year throughout the fifty states and in Europe. William Sommerfield captivated audiences on NBC's Eyewitness to History,  The DC Bicentennial Celebration,  The National Bill of Rights Tour,  Good Morning America,  The Today Show, A&E's The Crossing, and Colonial Williamsburg  Foundation's Video Field Trips Washington, Man & Myth.  He has appeared in Time Magazine and the New Yorker, and on the covers of USA Today, New York Times and the Times of London.  William Sommerfield is recognized internationally as the foremost interpreter of George Washington.  

Selected Plays and Programs: America's George Washington William Sommerfield is available for special events, staged plays, training seminars, schools, and other performances.  Recent appearances include a speech at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), "The Muster" for school children at Independence National Park, The National Portrait Gallery's Tour of the Historic Landsdowne Painting of George Washington, Sulgrave Manor in England, Martinsburg West Virginia Chamber of Commerce, The History Channel, the Battle of Germantown, New Jersey Council on the Humanities and scores of others.

George Washington  A fifty minute presentation by William Sommerfield in the persona of General Washington.  The portrayal vividly captures the highlights of Washington's career - his early years as a surveyor on the western frontier, the Revolutionary War and the crucial victories at Trenton and Princeton, the desperate winter at Valley Forge, and his call to the Presidency. We come to understand his strong sense of duty towards his public and political obligations, and his constant agony at the long separations from his beloved home and family.  Each interactive presentation ends with a question and answer session - the Presidential News Conference.  Individually customized presentations for school assemblies, keynote speeches, after dinner presentations, etc..

George Washington: The Man Nobody Knew  This two-act play reveals aspects of Washington's military, political and family life that many historians have ignored.  The play contains various interactive elements, including the popular Presidential News Conference wherein the audience members become members of the press.  Solo performance running time 90 minutes. Simple set and lighting requirements.  Designed for adults and young people above the age of eight.  

A Rising And A Setting Sun
  Two-act play features George Washington and Dr. Benjamin Franklin.  Washington is at Mount Vernon deciding whether he should run for a second term.  Unexpectedly he is visited by his old friend, Dr. Franklin.   Contains wit, humor, and audience interaction as the two elderly gentlemen discuss family problems, politics and past accomplishments.  Ends with a triumphant News Conference with questions from the audience.  Simple set and lighting requirements.  Designed for family audiences with great appeal to both children and adults.
The Rebellious Disposition  Two character play in two acts with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.  Takes place at Mount Vernon as Jefferson visits his friend Washington to discuss the new presidency and the cabinet.  Provides historical information in a witty and humorous manner dealing with the foundation of the new country.  Interactive with audience.  Ends with a News Conference.  Running time 90 minutes.  Simple set and lighting requirements.  Designed for adults and older students.

To Save the Republic
  Three character play in two acts with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.  Takes place at Mount Vernon where Madison jousts with Jefferson and Washington regarding the fate of the new nation and the establishment of a new Federal Constitution.  Interaction with the audience.  Ends with News Conference with three presidents and  Educators and critics alike agree:  

"The presentations are deftly interpreted and capture the interest of even those whose eyes have often glazed over during American history classes." "It is amazing that so much material can be interpreted in a single performance; you go away feeling you have had a real encounter with the General himself."


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