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Videos and Compact Discs from
The American Historical Theatre

The American Historical Theatre announces the release of a new series of edifying and entertaining performances on audio, CD and VHS video tape.

Betsy Ross & the American Flag
(Classroom Unit-Video 16 minutes)

Betsy Ross & the American Flag stars master historical interpreter Kim Hanley who has interpreted this courageous woman in Philadelphia for many years. Learn about the history of our young nation and the development of the flag, from the Middle Ages to the thirteen American colonies. Includes flag demonstration.


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George Washington's
Presidential News Conference

(Video 35 minutes)

George Washington's Presidential News Conference features "America's George Washington."    William Sommerfield answers questions from audience members who are treated as the press.  Mr. Sommerfield takes all questions both in character as Washington and in his own right, reflecting on his decade long portrayal of the "Father of Our Country." 

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George Washington:
The Glorious Burden
(Video 60 minutes)

      George Washington, portrayed by William          

                         Sommerfield, reflects on his time as President of a 

                         new country


George Washington: The Man Nobody Knew
(Audio CD - 55mins)

In George Washington: The Man Nobody Knew, William Sommerfield draws on ten years of research and performance as George Washington in the roll of a lifetime.  Mr. Sommerfield strips away the marble image of the ideal man and replaces it with a portrayal of an intensely human being - a man of humor, anger, sorrow, failure, sacrifice and love. Performed in front of a live audience.
(55 minutes, compact disc or cassette tape)


Steve Edenbo as
Young Thomas Jefferson

(Video 35 minutes) 

Steve Edenbo's Young Thomas Jefferson talks passionately about his childhood growing up in Virginia, attending William & Mary, his wife Martha, and writing the Declaration of Independence. Perfect for the classroom, Steve Edenbo delivers a first-rate, one-on-one encounter with one of America's most colorful founding fathers. 


Now Available! 

Dean Bennett in 
Dr. Franklin, I Presume











CDs are $15 each     Cassette Tapes $10 each    Videos are $20 each
(plus shipping & handling)

Make checks payable to:

The American Historical Theatre, Inc.
2008 Mt. Vernon Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130


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