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On Stage
with Mrs. Cheney 

September 17th is Constitution Day and AHT historical interpreters  "trod the boards" once again with Mrs. Lynn Cheney, wife of the Vice President, while visiting Gunston Hall, the Virginia home of Patriot George Mason. During this Constitutional Day celebration, Mrs. Cheney was joined by  George Washington, James Madison, Patrick Henry,  Thomas Jefferson and Harriet Tubman.

Perhaps the sparks flew when Patrick Henry was  opposed to the Constitution as signed in Philadelphia. George Mason, a life-long friend of George Washington, found himself at odds with Henry, his former friend and neighbor.  Mr. Mason, the "father of the Virginia bill of rights", wanted a similar bill attached to the Constitution of the United States.  Both Mr. Henry and Mr. Mason worked against the ratification of the Constitution by Virginia, but Mr. Madisonís well-reasoned arguments won the day. Virginian George Mason opened the door for the attachment of our Bill of Rights to the Constitution.

AHT has worked with Mrs. Cheney on several occasions, at the Vice Presidentís House and again at the National Constitutional Center in Philadelphia. All of these occasions have been non-political and have supported Mrs.Cheney in her objective of bringing our nation's history to the children of the United States.
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