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AHT Women's Programs

Alice Paul: The Other Amendment  Alice Paul looks back on a lifetime struggle to get votes for women.  Not content when that memorable day arrives in 1920, she goes on to write what would have been the 27th Amendment to get absolute and  equal rights for women.

Lucretia Mott: The Candle Burns    Lucretia Mott recalls her active fruitful life as a nineteenth century leader in the abolition movement.  A Quaker, she also "fought" for peace and women's rights.

These presentations, in costume, lasts approximately 35 minutes and are followed by a question and answer period with the audience.  They are excellent for museums, women's clubs, high schools and general audiences.  No special set is required.

Other Women from American History

Abigail Adams, Alice Roosevelt, Dolley Madison, Amelia Earhart, Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, Eleanor Roosevelt, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Eleanor Roosevelt.

Each of the above characters have similar 35 minute programs featuring aspects of their particular period in history followed by question and answer sessions.  
RememberMarch is Women's History Month!

Mr. Barnum's Waxworks
  Famous showman, P.T. Barnum displays and lectures about several of his "Famous Women" waxwork figures.  As he gives his one-sided male impressions of their place in history, they come to life to counter his version with opinions of their own.

Dr. Beecher, You Presume!  Three famous women activists have been invited to speak to the audience.  However, when the organizers realize that The Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, brother of Harriet Beecher Stowe, is in the vicinity, they leave the women sitting in the audience to introduce the famous Boston preacher.  It is not long before the women's outrage drives them to their feet and up on the stage.

Each of the above programs lasts 45 minutes and can be adjusted to include characters from several different periods in history.  Each is followed by a question and answer period and can include audience breakaway discussion groups.  Suitable for all audiences.

Night Thoughts    A short play about Elizabeth Graem Ferguson and her visit to George Washington during the War for Independence.  This talented Philadelphia poet, married to a Royalist who left her and fled to England, was famous in 18th century Philadelphia. Ferguson was famous for her salon where writers, composers and philosophers gathered.

The Flight To Paris    A short play about Mary Cassatt and her relationship with her brother, Alexander.  Mary returns to Philadelphia from France for a short visit and comes to the realization that, despite her artistic successes, her family still disapproves of her lifestyle.

Each of the above one-act, fully costumed plays occupies approximately 40 minutes.  Only a few small pieces of furniture are needed and the play can be performed in such spaces as large rooms, small auditoriums, or small theatres.  These plays are particularly suitable for art centers, historic houses, and historical sites, etc..

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