Dating: Enjoy a Movie Marathon

Dating is not always going outside and eating in the fancy restaurant. it’s about making other person feel happy wherever it is. You can still enjoy dating even if you do not have enough resources.

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Dating can be done in many places and in a cheap way. it doesn’t have to be expensive all the time specially if you started dating at a young age. For me being with a long term relationship I choose to be practical. it doesn’t need to spent a lot of money to make your girl special. You can invite your girl at home and have a movie marathon together. it would be very special if you also include cooking. An effort is much more appreciated. aside from that it is more relaxing staying at home away from everyone and just enjoy each other.

I and my girlfriend enjoy this time together. we rather have a movie marathon than going to fancy restaurant. We had a grocery first and cook together. We both find it really fun and great experience. it’s a kind of romantic bond as well. I love being with  my girl who continuously makes me happy. she knows how I valued to save money because it is also for our future. I love being with my girl making my dreams come true. she’s the girl who is not demanding and will do anything for me. I’m really glad that I found a girl who is simple and contented of what I can only give to her. this lady is really the kind of person that I really look forward to have at all.

i have never been this contented my whole life. we both find movie marathon our pass time. it’s so good to spend a time with someone who will love us for who we are. Sometimes we invited our friends to watch movie marathon with us. it is also a fun way to date. My girl is the woman that I can finally say that I want to be with in the future. she’s the girl that is extra ordinary and will never make anything to ruin our date.

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Finding a girl who can appreciate even the small thing you do for her is a blessing. I knew that I could never find another girl beside from her. shes the girl that I want to be with the whole time and we love movies together. we could spend watching movies together our whole life than eating in a fancy restaurant. we are satisfied of what we have and contented for everything. I am so glad that I found a girl who never make me feel less like a man specially if I have no penny to treat her outside.

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