Victorian Music Hall

Victorian Music Hall is a grand form of entertainment that produced songs during the eighteenth century that we still sing today. It is right and proper to heckle the Chairman – indeed no Music Hall is complete without rude and insulting comments from the audience. The performers will no doubt give as good as they get. Sing along with the songs. By the time you leave, you should feel that you have been responsible for this performance too!

The Royal Pickwickians are the troupe that started it all for the American Historical Theatre. The Royal Pickwickians troupe have programs of many sizes to suit any occasion, and will perform at “the drop of a hat.” This is perfect entertainment to present with period culinary delights, champagne and song around the piano at a post show sing-a-long. If you’d like to take a step back into the Gilded Age, get out your best silk toppers, your biggest hats with the brightest plumes. Drink a toast to Queen Victoria as she gazes down on the august assembly and gather with your friends as the Maestro begins the overture! After two acts filled with the finest artistes who ever strode the boards, if you are not too weak from laughing, we’ll have you singing around the concert grand deep into the night.

Songs of the 1890s:

Daisy Bell

The Man On the Flying Trapeze

Bicycle Built For Two

Why Am I Always the Bridesmaid?

Has Anybody Seen Our Ship

Daddy Wouldn’t Buy Me A Bow Wow

Who Were You With Last Night?

Hello, Hello, Who’s Your Lady Friend?

Champagne Charlie

I Want To Sing in Opera

God Save the Queen

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